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You can change up your flavor with your sauce or with a rub - or both! First, we will talk about the sauce variations. Most wing tossing sauce is butter, hot sauce and vinegar. Depending on your heat preference, you can adjust your measurements. Maybe start with 2 1/2 parts butter, to 1 part hot sauce to 1/2 part vinegar and go from there. Start with a light hand and then add your spice and acid from there.

Next on my fashion list is Dynasty Limousine Service. They have inexpensive rides to your prom! Imagine pulling up to your friends old car in a nice limousine or party bus. Prices start at around $7.00 an hour per person. If http://www.flaglerschools.com want to rent a party bus for about 15-20 people that's a cool way to save on transportation to your prom. Dynasty Limo services is located at 11857 San Jose Boulevard. You can drop by to schedule reservations for one or call (904)268-7171.

When collecting shark teeth and bivalves you don't need a fossil permit. But you should purchase one just in case you find something that requires one.

Experts, including TWC meteorologists, are expecting widespread damage in the entire region because of the sheer size of Sandy. Plus, it will be a slow mover once it makes landfall. "It's almost a weeklong, five-day, six-day event," Jim Cisco said from a NOAA forecast center. "It's going to be a widespread, serious storm." He added that the weather might not start clearing in the mid-Atlantic until the day after Halloween and November 2 in the upper Northeast.

things to do in jacksonville fl Friday, October 18. Woodley Special Effects Presents: Massacre in the River City. 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Atticus Bar, 325 West Forsyth Street. Immersive haunted house with movie quality props, costumes, makeup and set pieces. Vendors, costume contests, pumpkin beer, music by Rob Boggs, burlesque by Avarice Bedlam and more. 18 and up. $10. Part of proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network.

Kristine Williams of Open Arms Dog Rescue of Palm Coast, FL says, "I just happened to be there in that 5-minute window picking up another shelter dog when she was turned over and headed for the Blue Room - euthanization within 24 hours. How could I not leave with her too?" She and the rescue group raised money to have her front legs repaired by Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Orange Park, FL. The surgery went very well, and Honey Bear was sent home with Williams to recuperate and learn to walk. However, in her weakened condition from those years of neglect, her short period of being able to walk like a normal dog was ended when she tore a ligament in her rear leg and developed a luxating patella.

If I asked for those white, high top, Chuck Taylor basketball shoes, or just shoes that didn't have a hole in the sole, the answer was always, wait until my ship comes in. My sister and I are pretty sure that the ship was sunk off the coast of jacksonville beach florida and was never seen again.

If you want to make Independence Day last all weekend, you can head to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, where they are having the 4th of July Jamboree on Saturday and Sunday. You and your family can meet Uncle Sam himself from noon to 3 pm each day. For more details, go here.

JC-Penney is next on the list. It doesn't matter where you live, you'll always find a good deal at this store. You can find classic, conservative styles at JC-Penneys at low prices. They have tuxedos and Prom dresses, shoes and accessories! There are several locations in jacksonville fl that will be closest to you!

There are a lot of addictive things out there that are waayyyy negative. This is addictive in a good way. Exercise, sunshine, camaraderie, competition, and fun too. How can that be bad? And trust me, when I say addictive, I mean ADDICTIVE. Before you know it you will be discussing throwing techniques with your spouse, wind effect with your opponents, and Cornholing with everyone.

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